Aims and Objectives

  • To propagate and conceptualize Gandhian Principles.
  • To establish Democratic values.
  • To inculcate Patriotism.
  • To review and Evaluate Developmental issues.
  • To share and Provide Professional expertise to the Indian National Congress, its Government and the Nation.
  • To provide a common platform for likeminded professionals.
  • To motivate and support full support to the Policies and programs of the Indian National Congress and the Nation.
  • To take part in the growth and development of the nation.
  • To build a developed India, where in common man is benefited.


  • The Indian National Congress and the Nation can get the services of this organization for professionalizing the party. 
  • All Enterprises and organizations can also utilize the resources of IPCon.
  • IPCon can be a think – tank for formulating policies and programs.
  • Help the Party and the Government to review public grievances and ground realities.
  • Help the party and government by devising new projects and initiatives for the poor and less privileged.