Procedure for Membership

Procedure for admission of Members 

Any person, company or firm eligible for the membership of the IPCon as per provisions of the Rules and regulations of membership, willing to work for achieving the aims and objectives of the Trust and desiring to become such a member,  shall send a communication expressing interest to join  the IPCon. On getting such a message from a prospect, the Membership screening committee appointed by the Managing committee, shall consider this request and send an official invitation to join. Then the prospective member shall fill up the prescribed form, available in the website (hard copy can be also made available), and send it to IPCon together with the entrance fee and subscription.                                                                                                 

All applications received for admission of members shall be submitted to the Membership screening Committee.  The Membership Screening Committee shall scrutinize the applications and the recommendations of the Committee will be submitted at the next Managing Committee meeting.  The admission of Members shall take effect on approval by the Managing Committee.  Members admitted will be intimated in writing of their admission and there upon they will be eligible to all the privileges of the members. 

All Members, will be given a membership card with unique numbers, according to the category to which they relate and shall form the basis of identification and reference in future.  

Entrance Fee and Annual Subscription

Every member shall pay an entrance fee on admission and annual subscription thereof.  The entrance fee and annual subscription payable by the different classes of members are as follows with effect from 1/4/2009.

The annual subscription falls due for payment on 1st April, every year.  IPCon will send a bill to the members for the subscription due from them, in the month of April, every year.

Members who do not pay the subscription on or before 1st October of the year will automatically cease to be a Member.  However the membership can be reinstated on payment of the arrears of subscription in full, together with the applicable reinstatement fee on or before 31st March next.

No member is entitled to nominate, vote or take part in General, Managing Committee or Sub-Committee meetings unless all fees, subscriptions and other sums due by him are cleared. Such defaulters are not eligible to contest in the election to Managing Committee. 


  Category of Membership   Entrance    Fee  Annual
    (Rs)  Subscription(Rs)
  Institutional Members   10,000/-   40,000/- (One-Time)
  Associate Institutional Members   5,000/-   20,000/- (One-Time)
  Individual Members   1,500/-   1,000/-
  Individual life members   1500/-   10000/- (One-Time)
  Student Members   500/-    500/-
  Overseas Membership (only Life)   $100   $200/-