Rules and Regulations

Rules and regulation of Ordinary membership of Indian Professionals’ Congress (Trust) known as IPCon

The membership of IPCon is offered to Indian Nationals only. It is open to such individuals and organizations that pursue, practice, teach or study the professional management and influence over several people by virtue of knowledge, skill and attitude.

It consists of the following categories of membership

1. Institutional Members: 

Open to Corporate, business houses, industrial units, corporations, government enterprises, service industry, professional organizations, educational institutions or others interested in the development and progress of the Professional management movement.

Institutional Members can be of two classes

a) Institutional Members
b) Associate Institutional Members

2. Individual Members:
An individual possessing a University Degree and having Professional experience of at least 5 years in an industrial/commercial/service enterprise, Government/armed forces or having 5 years experience in teaching professional management subjects in a reputed educational institution may be considered for individual membership. In case an individual falls short of the prescribed qualification may also be considered for membership if he/she has at least 10 years professional experience as above and fulfills all other requirements. In exceptional cases the above requirements may be waived at the discretion of the Managing Committee.
3. Student Members:
Student members shall be any person who has attained the age of 18 years and is a student of a Professional Educational Institution. No person shall remain a student member if he/she is eligible for a higher category of membership.

4. Life Members

All persons eligible for individual membership shall be eligible for enrolment as Life Members of the Association.

5. Overseas Membership 

All persons eligible for individual membership and living abroad shall be eligible for enrolment as Overseas Member.
Privileges of Members  
1. Institutional Members are eligible to nominate five representatives and Associate Institutional Members two representatives to the general body of IPCon.  All such nominees should be complying with the eligibility condition of an individual membership, and shall have voting rights as in the case of other members. 

Student Members are not eligible for voting or for election to the Managing Committee

2. All members shall be eligible to attend conferences, seminars, symposia etc, conducted by the IPCon at a concessional rate wherever fees are chargeable.  All members may attend without fee; public lectures and other general meetings arranged under the auspices of the IPCon subject to such rules as are issued in connection therewith. 

Responsibilities of Members

1. All members are required to uphold the dignity of being a Professional as well as a responsible member of IPCon, in their behavior as well as in their attire.
2. No members will be allowed in the premises of the IPCon, in an intoxicated State.
3. Employees of the IPCon shall not be reprimanded or punished by members directly. All complaints against them shall be communicated in writing to the Honorary General Secretary for suitable action.

Termination of Members
1. Members, who fail to pay the annual subscription due on 1st April, will cease to be Members at the end of that financial year.
2. Members desirous of resigning from membership are required to submit a written request to the Honorary General Secretary.
3. Any Member adjudicated bankrupt under the Bankruptcy Act or declared as unsound mind will cease to be a Member.
4. Death.
5. Board of Trustees have the powers to suspend/terminate a member from the membership of the IPCon even without assigning any reason
6. If a complaint against a member is received to the Managing Committee,  may after due enquiry and after giving the Member an opportunity to be heard and by a majority resolution, can recommend to the Board of Trustees for suspension or termination of a member from membership of the IPCon, for any misconduct which is detrimental to the reputation or interest of the Trust, or if the member goes against the aims and objectives of the trust. 

Membership Register

IPCon will maintain a Register of all Members giving the full particulars of the Members.  The Register should give details such as name, address, category of membership. Membership number, details of nominees, payment of subscription, date of admission, date of termination, if any etc. This is the duty of the Hon. General Secretary.  
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              MANAGING COMMITTEE, EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE SUB-COMMITTEES


The Managing Committee shall manage the affairs of ordinary members of IPCon in consultation with the Board of Trustees.  The Managing Committee consists of not more than 20 elected members. The Managing Committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting of the IPCon ordinary members.

At the first meeting of the newly elected Managing Committee, the following office bearers will be elected. All those Managing Committee members with voting rights can contest the elections to office bearers.

1. president
2. Senior Vice President
3. Vice President
4. Honorary General Secretary
5. Hony. Joint Secretary
6. Hony. Adl. Joint Secretary.
7. Honorary treasurer.                                                       
The above elected office bearers will hold office for the duration of the Managing Committee from which they were elected.
All the Trustees of the Board of Trust, of IPCon shall be members of the Managing Committee, with voting rights.
The outgoing President shall be a member of the Managing Committee with voting rights.

Co-option to Managing Committee

The Managing Committee may co-opt not more than 10 persons from amongst the members.  Co-opted members shall not have voting rights and cannot contest in the elections to office bearers.

Special Invitees to Managing Committee

The Chairman of the Board of Trustees or President of the Managing committee, may invite distinguished persons, as Special Invitees for attending the meeting of the Committee.  Special invitees do not have voting rights.

Tenure of the Managing Committee

The Managing Committee will hold office for 2 years or on completion of 2 years, till the next election is held. All elected members of the Managing Committee will have tenure of 2 years.  
Power of the Managing Committee

The management and supervision of all the affairs and activities of the members are vested with the Managing committee, and will function under the instructions of the Board of trustees.

The Managing Committee will have power to appoint Members to fill any casual vacancy that may arise in the Managing Committee.  Such Member will hold office till the end of the next Annual General Meeting.
A Managing Committee Member failing to attend at least 3 consecutive meetings without due leave or prior permission of the President will cease to be a member of the Managing Committee.
Meetings of Managing Committee 
The Managing Committee shall ordinarily meet once a month to examine the accounts and arrange the affairs of the IPCon.  The Vice President/s and Honorary Secretary acting on the instructions of the President can convene the Managing Committee meeting.  The President or in his absence the Senior Vice President/Vice President will chair the meetings. In case the Chairman of the Board of Trustees is present, the meeting will be chaired by him.  Questions arising in the Managing Committee shall be decided by a majority of votes.  In case of a tie, the Chairman of the meeting will have a second or casting vote.  The proceedings of the Managing Committee are to be recorded in the Minutes Book maintained for the purpose, duly signed by the President and Honorary Secretary.  The Minutes Book shall be open for inspection by any Member of the Association.

Quorum for Managing Committee Meeting
 ½ of the elected members will be the quorum.
Circular Resolution of the Managing Committee
Matters of urgent nature that can not ordinarily wait till the next Managing Committee meeting can be decided by means of a circular resolution. A resolution in writing/ Electronic mail, passed by circulation, and approved by a majority of the members of the Managing Committee, with voting rights, is as valid and effectual as if it were passed at a duly convened meeting of the Managing Committee.  Such resolutions are to be ratified at the subsequent meeting of the Managing Committee.

Dissolution of the Managing Committee

The board of Trustees can dissolve the Managing Committee if it is found ineffective or working against the aims and objectives of the Indian Professionals’ Congress (Trust).

Executive Committee                                              

In order to assist the Managing Committee on a continuous basis on the affairs of the IPCon and to deal with matters which require detailed study and examination, an Executive Committee may be formed.  The Executive Committee will comprise of  all office bearers of the IPCon including the President. Senior Vice President, Vice President, Honorary Gen. Secretary, Honorary Joint Secretary, Addl. Joint Secretary, Honorary Treasure, Immediate Past President, and the Executive officer.  Executive Committee will meet as often as required and decisions can be taken on all day to day routine matters and can be ratified in the next Managing Committee.   


The Managing Committee may from time to time appoint from among its and/or other members, such sub-committees as may be considered necessary.  Such sub committees are normally to take care of specific activities such as Membership, Professionals’ Convention,  Programmes,  Media, Overseas activities etc.  The Sub-Committees will report their proceedings to the Managing Committee for action and shall conduct their business in accordance with the directions of the Managing Committee

The Executive Committee and all Sub-Committees appointed by the Managing Committee will co-terminate with the Managing Committee.

Gift and Donations

The Managing Committee have the power to receive, in addition to fees, subscriptions and grants or donations made to the Trust for the promotion of its objectives in the general, or for any particular purpose or purposes connected with its objectives as may be specified by the donors.

Any disputes within the managing committee, will be referred to Board of Trustees and the decision of the Board of Trustees shall be final. 


 The Annual General Meeting of the members of the IPCon shall be held on a date to be fixed by the Board of Trustees for the following purposes.
(a) To receive from the Managing Committee a report, balance sheet and statement of accounts for the preceding financial year.
(b) The Board of Trustees shall, when fixing the date for the Annual Meeting, appoint two officers other than members of the Managing Committee as Election Officers to conduct the election of the Managing Committee for the succeeding year.  Election officers are not eligible to seek election. 
(c) To decide any resolution of the members duly submitted in writing to the Secretary not less than SEVEN clear days before the date of the meeting

 Election rules
  1. Election officers after scrutinizing the list of voters, will publish voters list before 30 days before the date of election.. 
  2. Members entitled to vote at a General Meeting alone shall be eligible to contest in the election. The name of any member eligible to hold office on the Managing Committee may be proposed by any other eligible member.  The nomination shall be in writing, seconded by another member and consented to in writing by the nominee; and it shall be fixed with the election officers at least FIFTEEN days before the date fixed for the Annual General Meeting.
  3. The nominations shall be scrutinized by the election officers and the list of valid nominations shall be published on the notice board within TWO days after the last day for filing the nominations.
  4. Any candidate may withdraw his candidature within FOUR days of the publication of the nominations.
  5. The final list of candidates standing for the election shall be published on the Notice Board within TWO days after the last date fixed for the withdrawal of nominations.
  6. In the event of a contest, an election shall be conducted by secret ballot.  No member shall be entitled to vote by proxy
  7. The election officers shall provide suitable ballot boxes under their lock and key for deposit of the votes by the members.  The balloting shall be conducted at the place and time fixed by the election officers on the date of the Annual General Body meeting with due notice to members.  The result of the election shall be published by the election officers as soon as the counting is completed and shall be announced at the Annual General body  Meeting.
  8. If any difference of option arises on any question between the election officers, the same shall be decided by the Board of Trustes.

Special General Meeting

The Managing Committee may arrange at any time for any special or extraordinary general meeting, and it shall also do so forthwith, upon a request in writing by FIFTY or more members of the IPCon mentioning the specific purpose.

Notice of Meeting

Seven clear days at least before the Annual General Meeting or any special or extraordinary general meeting, a notice of such meeting and the business to be transacted shall be mailed to every member.

At all general Body Meetings, the President shall be the Chairman, and in his absence, the Senior Vice President shall take the Chair. In the event of the Senior Vice President also being absent, the Vice President shall take the Chair.  In the absence of all the above, the meeting shall elect, from amongst themselves, one member to Chair the meeting.  Whenever the Trust Chairman is present, he will chair the general body meetings. 
Finance Management of IPCon
The IPCon shall have funds collected from the following sources, and the same shall be deposited in the Indian Professionals’ Congress ( Trust ) bank account..
1. Fees and Subscription from Members
2. Donations, Grants and Subsidies from Members and others
3. Fees from Training and Consultancy
4. Other sources
Proper official receipts under the signature of the authorized signatory are to be issued for all funds received.
The Honorary Treasurer can hold an imprest Funds, as recommended by the Managing Committee and authorized by the Board of Trustees from time to time for meeting petty and emergent expenses of the members of the IPCon.  The Imprest Cash limit is Rs.10000/-
Cash on hand from collections etc, in excess of the prescribed limit is to be remitted in the bank on a day to day basis.
Soon after the formation of the new Managing Committee and Sub-Committees, the Treasurer shall prepare a budget, both on Capital and Revenue heads, covering the activities of the IPCon for the ensuing year, in consultation with the Chairman of all Sub-Committees.  The budget shall be submitted to the Managing Committee and after duly recommended by the managing Committee, the same shall be submitted for Board of Trustees approved.  All expenditure incurred during the year should be within the specific provision in the approved budget.
All expenditure should be supported by proper vouchers, duly passed for payment by the Secretary/Treasurer or any other officer authorized by the Board of Trustees.
The Treasurer shall submit for every Managing Committee meeting a Receipt and Payment Statement for the month for information. Also an Income and Expenditure account is to be prepared and submitted to the Managing Committee every quarter to evaluate the progress of activities, with reference to budget. Copy of all such statements of accounts should be marked to the board of Trustees. 

IPCon undertakes a number of activities to fulfill its aims and objectives and in particular, to inculcate the importance of Leadership in Professional Management  Movement, thereby reinforcing its mission to facilitate individuals and organizations to realize their fullest potential.  The more important among such activities are:
The Professionals’ Convention is the prime event of IPCon and is to be held every year. A current theme of interest to Professionals’ is chosen and deliberated at the Convention.  The Convention will have speakers of national and international repute, drawn from professional, business and academic institutions. A fee for the delegate is charged, as decided by the Managing Committee on the recommendation of the Convention Committee.

IPCon will have an Administrative Office, as decide by the Board of Trustees for carrying out the business of the IPCon.
The Executive Officer appointed by the Board of Trustees is in the over-all charge of the administration of IPCon.  The Executive Officer will have such other duties and responsibilities, set out by the Board of Trustees , from time to time.  All the staff of IPCon will report to the Executive Officer.
IPCon Office work 7 days in a week.  The Official working hours are as below:
Monday to Sunday; 11 am to 7 pm, with half an hour interval for lunch break on all days. Each employ will take one holyday in a week on rotation so that office will be opened on 7 days in a week.
The age of retirement of all IPCon employees is 60 years.  All employees will retire on the last day of the financial year viz; 31st March, after he attains 60 years.